Consulting Advisory Division

Tshiamo Resources’ Consulting and Advisory Division (CAD)

Seeks to help clients find smarter ways to unlock and realise hidden potential by assisting mining leaders evaluate opportunities, solve hidden productivity challenges and enhance performance across the mining cycle.

CAD specialises in surface and underground mining methods and commodities such as base metals, gold, platinum, iron ore, coal, diamonds and iron ore. Using a suite of tools to maximise return on investment and solve engineering challenges.

The CAD team helps clients mine smarter, whether its planning a new mine or improving productivity of an existing, your bottom line will benefit from our unparalled mix of operational experience, industry insights, and real-time performance data.
Our planning methodology is built on a foundation of expertise in industry leading practices and the latest technology. Our services span from strategic to operational planning, drafting services, simulations and scheduling.
Operational Support
We provide skilled engineers to augment your technical team when their capacity and capabilities are stretched by new projects and specialised studies.
Continuous Improvement
No matter how skilled and experienced your mining team is or how technically advanced your systems are, your shareholders expect continuous improvement to enhance their financial returns. The broad exposure to the industry of the CAD team will introduce you to industry trends that will help you re-imagine your operations for financial benefit.
Special Projects & Initiatives
Our experience and expertise at Tshiamo Resources allows us to offer subject-matter consulting and advisory on:
Business case development | Capacity modeling | Clean sheet cost modelling | Feasibility studies | Financial and technical valuation | Operational and cost services | Operational readiness | Productivity improvement | Stakeholder Management

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