Role: Business Analyst.
Home Base: South Africa.
Education: Bachelor of Science (Mining Engineering) & Bachelor of Science (Geology & Chemistry).
Percy is a young, energetic and vibrant mining engineer. Prior to joining Tshiamo, he explored a career in Mechanised & Narrow Reef gold mining, where he was involved in the implementation of cost reduction and optimisation initiatives across the mining value chain at a mine level. He has always been passionate about being part of the company that encourages cognitive diversity and an inclusive environment, which is encoded into the DNA of Tshiamo’s organisational culture.

Tshiamo Resources afforded Percy with an opportunity to facilitate and coordinate the transition of overburden mining contractors at one of South Africa’s largest coal producer’s operation. A transition was a huge success and gained recognition from company’s Head of Operations. Additionally, Percy has worked in projects covering all three pillars of Tshiamo Resources respectively i.e. Consulting, Commodity Trading and Contract Mining.
Percy is well known for being a “runner” and an executor, knowledgeable in Operational Readiness, Open Cast Mines Rehabilitation and Commodity Trading.

When he is not on-site with driving the Tshiamo culture and adding value to our clients, Percy enjoys spending time at the comfort of his friends and family. You are most likely to spot Him around social hubs enjoying good food and great music.