Role: Business Analyst/Project Manager (Coal Processing)
Home Base: South Africa
Education: B-tech (Industrial Engineering), University of Johannesburg and National Diploma (Industrial Engineering), University of Johannesburg

Portia launched her career at BSI steel and proceeded in 2017 to work at Krost shelving and Racking as a Junior Industrial Engineer where she led and managed a team comprising of more than 50 employees in steel processing line.

At Tshiamo, Portia was instrumental in the development of traffic management for on of the surface coal mine clients in Mpumalanga. She is at the centre of Tshiamo’s coal trading strategy and leads the discard coal processing team. She is best known for Continues Improvement, Optimization of Complex Processes, Logistics Improvement and Implementing of Systems.

When she’s not looking for coal dumps to reprocess, Portia enjoys spending time with family and reading.